Your immunity is in your hands

immunity smoothieImmunity is an important body system that resists harmful and foreign organisms entering our body from the outside (bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins). The immune system identifies a hostile pathogen, then captures and destroys it. The immune system does the same with cancer cells, recognizing and destroying them. But sometimes the immune system weakens and needs to be strengthened.

What affects the decrease in immunity?


1. Stresses, fatigue, insufficient sleep


2. Improper nutrition


3. Bad habits (smoking, alcohol)


4. Sedentary lifestyle


Of course, the list of factors that influence the immune system is much longer, and they all affect it in complex. Therefore, in order to improve the body's resistance, we need to follow some simple rules.


1. Get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Even a healthy body needs daily rest and recovery. And if the norm of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours, for children it is 10-13 hours. Constant lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the effective functioning of the immune system by more than 30%, the ability to resist respiratory diseases is sharply reduced! A full night's sleep is a must, even doctors cite the fact that it is after a healthy and sound sleep that people recover much faster.


2. Lead an active lifestyle. Daily walks in the fresh air, fitness activities have a favorable effect on the immune system. Physical activity contributes to the improvement of vascular and cardiovascular systems, reduces the risk of various pathologies.


3. get rid of harmful habits. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking has a negative effect on the immune system, increases the risk of respiratory diseases, reduces the formation and destroys immunoglobulin cells.


4. Eat right. Many foods contribute to immunity and if you include them in your daily diet, it will help strengthen your body. Give up fatty foods, cut down on tea and coffee. Include lean foods rich in protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, fish, nuts, and vegetable oils in your diet.


5. Take vitamins. Additional sources of macro-and micronutrients for the body in the seasons of weakening immunity is especially necessary. Their lack we can notice in the deterioration of the appearance of hair and hair loss, brittle nails, drowsiness, reduced efficiency.


6. Maintain an internal balance of micro- and macronutrients, amino acids and fatty acids. The immune system directly depends on it and if this balance is disturbed it weakens, the quality of sleep is reduced, weakness and disorders of internal processes of vital functions of the body appear.


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